Incredibly Mahvash Sabet, Fariba Kamalbadi, and Afif Naimi who have already been sentenced and spent 10 years in prison have been detained again! The world needs to take notice and speak out against this unlawful arrest of the innocent Bahai’s in Iran. These are citizens who just want to live in peace and be free to practice their Faith. They have not broken any laws nor have they taken any action to protest their own incarceration.

Bahai’s in Iran are not permitted to attend university, their business are forced to close. They are not even permitted to bury their dead. The corrupt Islamic clergy confiscate any meager sums of money the Bahai’s possess and use the money for their own selfish use. In the past few weeks 44 more innocent Bahai’s have been arrested under false charges. Many disappear into the prison system and their families are not informed of the whereabouts nor are the the prisoners given any medications. Anyone going to the prison to search for their loved one are also unlawfully arrested and detained!